Draw Chi Recommended Zentangle Books.

In the “Description” below, you will find Amazon affiliate links to Zentangle books I recommend.

These books are great for beginners.

Once you’ve made it through the information on my website or the information in my book, the recommended books below are a perfect and inexpensive way to pursue a drawing habit that will increase your drawing skills in a fun and creative way.

The products are called Zentangle but I called them Draw Chi: Ultimate Draw Fu, because it can be done by anyone.

Here’s an example of a pattern by Linda Farmer:




Zentangle Basics, Expanded Workbook Edition: A Creative Art Form Where All You Need is Paper, Pencil & Pen

Zentangle Basics introduces you to the hottest trend in decorative doodling. Using only pen and paper, you will learn to make 24 basic Zentangles as well as inspiration for incorporating these designs into your art. Zentangles can be used to decorate wearables and home decor objects as well as cards, scrapbook pages and journals. Best of all, you can do this even if you have never drawn anything before.


Zentangle 2: Scrapbooks, Sketchbooks, Journals, AJCs, Cards, Words, Borders

Zentangle 2 expands your exploration of the Zentangle process. With 25 new tangles, you will discover the possibilities of decorating words and turning simple line drawings such as butterflies and animals into exquisite art. Tantalizing color brings your art to life as the calming and reflective process of Zentangle brings your life into your art.


Time to Tangle with Color

Learn different techniques to apply color to your “Illuminated Art”.

Draw Chi with color. This is a good introduction to color and a good way to gain confidence using it in your work.








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