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For anyone who’s ready to take their drawing seriously. The Acolyte Bundle includes everything you need to start drawing now. No need to find the supplies you need to get started. It’s all right here in a nice complete package.

AND it comes with a FREE BONUS DVD that gives you a direction to go with your new found skill.

This Package includes:

  • A signed print copy of: The Art of Draw Fu: Beginners Level  –  Not only is this all the basic information you need to get you started drawing, but I’ll also draw a sketch of a Draw Fu characters in it for you.  (MSRP $25)
  • A Canson 9×12 sketchbook  – Great quality spiral bound sketchbook. I use Canson sketchbooks all the time. I’ll draw a Homer Simpson in it for you to get you started. (MSRP $23)
  • A 9×12 tracing paper pad – This is especially handy if you don’t have any around the house.  I often suggest using tracing paper in my book. I give you a pad so you don’t have to go out and get one.  (MSRP $6.65)
  • A Color Wheel – Instead of using my book as a color wheel guide, I pack a special one in for you.  It comes with instructions on how to use. It instructs you about color mixing, values, color, hues, intensity, tint, tone, shades, neutral grays, primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, warm colors and many other things. REALLY HANDY. (MSRP $6.29)
  • A free “Keep Calm, I know Draw Fu” Pen – A ballpoint pen to use when going field sketching.  ($2 value)
  • A free “Keep Calm, I know Draw Fu” magnet – A little something fun to stick on your fridge as reminder of your new drawing skills ($5 value)
  • and a FREE DVD copy of Zentangle with Suzanne McNeill CZT. – This is the DVD that made me become aware of the Illuminated Art movement that I’ve adopted and now dub “Draw Chi.”  This is the perfect DVD to compliment the The Art of Draw Fu: Beginners Level book.  Once you finish reading the book, this is the perfect next step.  In the DVD you will learn:
  1. The basics of drawing an illuminated design, called a “tangle.”
  2. What more advance “tangles” look like.
  3. Some really handy marker coloring tips.
  4. The plethora of uses that these designs can be used for (Journals, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, greeting cards, tiles…etc)  (MSRP $30)

The total MSRP for the bundle is: $97.94, but your investment is $60 + $5 shipping (Sorry, no shipping outside of the U.S. for now). 

But I Haven’t Got the Time.

Seriously, the things in the book can be done anywhere and anytime, on anything.  I provide a sketchbook but you can doodle on anything laying around.  You can take five minutes or fifteen. The exercises are quick to do.

And with the DVD, you’ll get even more ideas for quick ways to get drawing time.  It doesn’t take hours to scribble something on a random piece of paper. And it’s fun.

A Great Gift

If you don’t want a bundle for yourself, buy one of these for someone you know that would like to learn to draw.

Do you know of a young adult or older teen who has no confidence in their drawing skills but really wants to draw? This is the perfect gift for them.

It will blow their minds.

Supplies May Be Limited

Now, I will say, I only have a limited amount of these bundles.  I’m personally putting them together and sending out each and every bundle.

I have to special order all the things that go into each bundle.  The place I get my supplies seems to run out of stock on some of this stuff and they don’t seem to be able to resupply.  I honestly don’t know how long I’ll be able to sell these bundles.  I put this stuff together at my home and once the supplies can’t be ordered anymore, that’s it.

So it would be very wise, if you’re going to invest in a bundle, to do it now while I can still get the supplies.

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    I loved your site and teaching method with encouregement.

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